I go to great lengths to improve basic riding. In almost all cases, good results can be achieved by changing balance, seat, and posture. The horse's bad habits usually come from the rider. In training, we work with adjusting the basic techniques of the rider, resulting in a more harmonic performance by the horse, even when exercises become increasingly difficult.

When riding you use many intelligences, both musical, logical, spatial and physical, and I work with rhythm, posture, and orientation on the track. The more intelligences you use at once, the more secure and natural your riding becomes.

The help you receive from me will make you more independent and you always know what to focus on in your daily training. Whether you and your horse are at grand prix or novice level has less importance. What matters is your ambition to improve and make progress.

I am available for lessons at Gl. Allerødgaard in North Zealand and also conduct clinics in Denmark and abroad. Please contact me for further information on training or if you want to arrange a clinic.

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