”Birgitte Byrialsen has been coaching the Guangdong dressage team since 2004. With her outstanding equestrian knowledge and effective teaching skills, Mrs. Byrialsen has brought the team from L level (no flying change) to intermediate 1 within merely few years. She has a unique way for matching the riders with the most compatible horses and we rely on her deeply in horse selection. Mrs. Byrialsen is a very insightful teacher. She is able to detect the riding mistakes of a rider and pinpoint the cause of the errors precisely, even when the correlation is not obvious. With her sharp understandings of her students, Mrs. Byrialsen teaches in accordance with their aptitude and is thus able to help them to achieve their best. She is an amiable teacher and her ability to make the difficult technique comprehensible for the learners is truly precious.”

Joan Pai, head of the dressage, eventing, and show jumping section of Guangdong Province State Sports Center. 


“Birgitte has been a wonderful friend since 2001. I’ve easily purchased more than 30 horses through her. I trust her to go and try horses and purchase them, without going to Europe my self. She has proven also to be an excellent trainer of horses and riders. We’ve hosted a clinic here in 2019 and hope to have her teaching again this year. I look forward to working with her on more horses in the future, and highly recommend her ability and honesty.” 

Karen Lipp, Grand Prix rider, trainer and horse dealer in Atlanta, GA, USA. 

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